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wTLM_Rokas_0729_8-1230x820bFrom thunderously wet summer days to below-freezing winter nights, six to seven months of constant precipitation is standard for Lithuania’s European continental climate. In need of an accessory that could endure these aggressive conditions, erikahoc first designed a water-resistant leather backpack for herself.

“I knew how I wanted it to look, to feel, and to be worn,” she remembers, despite having no technical training at the time. “I managed to find a special type of thick and durable leather commonly used to make Finnish and Norwegian army boots, and I was lucky enough to find a great group of helpers, teachers, and people that pushed and nagged me every day.” Nearly three years later, the designer’s eponymous line translates that no-nonsense feeling into streamlined accessories with severe lines and a clear attitude that can live year-round, rain or shine.

Her inspiration draws from a mathematical background and mingles with philosophy before, finally, finding its place in the street style of today. With every piece’s smallest detail taking the upmost importance, construction and geometry (one dopp kit-sized bag is even named after the silver ratio) is king. Because of this insomniac obsession, pieces can take time—sometimes a month, sometimes a year—but the wait is worth it. “It is important to invest in details and functionality so the new designs are never rushed,” says Hoc. “They take thought.”  —Joshua Glass

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Photography Rokas Darulis

Models Julija Steponaviciute & Beegee Margelyte