Care guide

Leather is a durable, flexible and breathing material, making it a very comfortable and luxurious to wear.

If you care for it right – a leather garment usually becomes more and more beautiful over time while telling its own life story on the surface. As a living material, all leather differs in the way it changes. Hence leather is a very comfortable material to wear as it shapes after its user.

If stated so, erikahoc bags are made of top grain water resistant leather, meaning you may easily spend the whole rainy day outside – your backpack won’t care about a single drop. High quality cattle leather is transformed into water resistant one after huge amount of tests and technologies applied. Such leather does not require any specific after purchase enhancements, it is already fully prepared for long use.

Leather should not be washed in a machine. Leave your garments to a leather specialist when you need to wash them. You can pamper your leather garments  with lotions to prevent drying and improve their durability – increasing the lifetime by years. If you stain it, gently rub with a damp non coloured natural fiber tissue or cloth.

Do not store your leather garments in direct sunlight, as they might bleach or warp. Store them in a cool and dark closet. Wrap items that you put away for a long time in a pillow cover or a wardrobe bag, or place it in the box you have received with your purchase.

Have you noticed – our bags see a lot during the day. Furthermore the inside of the bag can get just as dirty, since we carry half of our lives in it. Don’t forget to empty your bag and run a brush or vacuum to collect the inner dust.

Interesting fact is that textile bags are more prone to collecting bacteria than leather ones.

Leather and suede easily absorb body oils and stains. Be aware of where your bag is sitting and what it is exposed to. Never put your bag on a surface such as a kitchen counter where raw meat and eggs are handled, a kitchen table or a desk at work where food is eaten.