Alina Bobrik & her erikahoc City Backpack

Alina Bobrik, IT project manager from 8 till 5 and a jewellery designer for her brand bobríq afterwards.

You could tell who I am just by looking at my bag and finding… my notebook. I never miss a chance to write down or sketch a new idea.  Also, I always have my hand cream with me – cannot stand dry hands and when you have to work with extra small detailed parts and constantly polish them, it does show on your hands.

What you’ll never find in my bag is… order of things and I am not proud of it. I like big totes and backpacks and it’s impossible to keep everything in order there.

Three things I can’t imagine running around without are… notebook, hand cream, and perhaps some tasty snack (a chocolate or granola bar).

If I had to pick between chaos or order, I’d choose... chaos.

If my bag had a superpower, it would… be an ability to place an item I need just right in my hand on top of other things. In order not to waste a lot of time just searching for stuff.

If I had a chance to swap totes with any person… that would probably be Jurga Lago. She seems charismatic, very interesting personality, radiating calmness and harmony. Being a jeweller myself, I would probably find some inspiring things in her bag.

Alina owns erikahoc Water Resistant Leather City Backpack  |  Photo by Eva Grin  |  Show what’s inside your bag hello [at]

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