Ieva Marija erikahoc City Lights Bag

Ieva Marija Andrulyte, entrepreneur.

You could tell who I am just by looking at my bag and finding… my notebook, full of different “to do” lists.

What you’ll never find in my bag is… hair brusher.

Three things I can’t imagine running around without are… phone, bank card and a lip balm.

If I had to pick between chaos or order... I would choose chaos. Of course I find my peace in it.

If my bag had a superpower, it would… have teleportation function. I have always been dreaming to have ability to appear in my bed when tired.

If I had a chance to swap totes with any person… that would be a monk. ‘Cause he always carries only the most necessary items, if carries any at all.

Ieva Marija owns City Lights Bag |  Photo by Eva Grin  |  Show what’s inside your bag hello [at]

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