erikahoc Kriste Stankeviciute Silver Ratio Bag

Kristė Stankevičiūtė, in the World of art you can also hear them call her Kriste Stan. She is a „slash“ generation representative: fashion stylist (slash) illustrator / personal style blogger / photographer / digital creative / influencer.

You could tell who I am just by looking at my bag and finding… a red lipstick for a quick day-to-night makeover and a lip balm to wear underneath.

What you’ll never find in my bag is… a banana. Did that once, accidentally squeezed it, forgot about it and ruined my favourite bag. So – never again.

Three things I can’t imagine running around without are… my wallet, red lipstick and my phone.

If I had to pick between chaos or order... I’d like to pick order, but most of the time it’s chaos, unfortunately.

If my bag had a superpower, it would… self-renewal. I am a bag addicted, have dozens of bags that require a lot of space at home so having just one that could change it’s appearance would make my life easier. Furthermore I am constantly in need for a newer, better, prettier bag so you can imagine HOW MUCH money I could save.

If I had a chance to swap totes with any person… I would choose LA based fashion and beauty blogger Courtney Trop as she has tones and tones of my favourite designers handbags and she’s carrying loads of beauty products inside her tote, that I keep forgeting at home when I desperately need them.

Kristė owns Silver Ratio Bag |  Photo by Eva Grin  |  Show what’s inside your bag hello [at]

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