erikahoc Reda Mickeviciute Portrait Mini Bag

Reda Mickeviciute, photographer.

You could tell who I am just by looking at my bag and finding… the bag tells not only who you are but also where you are headed. Usually I carry big totes that contain basically my whole life, but when I carry a small bag it only fits necessary things that I need specifically for where I am going to.

What you’ll never find in my bag is… caraway.

Three things I can’t imagine running around without are… keys, wallet and a red lipstick.

If I had to pick between chaos or order... order.

If my bag had a superpower, it would… always be weightless no matter what is inside.

If I had a chance to swap totes with any person… Annie Leibovitz. Wish I could see what helps her creating those masterpices. 

Reda owns Mini Bag |  Photo by Eva Grin  |  Show what’s inside your bag hello [at]

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