erikahoc Simona Samojauskaite Silver Ratio Bag

Simona Samojauskaitė, designer for her own brand Simona Samojauskaitė Jewellery.

You could tell who I am just by looking at my bag and finding… many many boxes for jewellery ready to be delivered to customers.

What you’ll never find in my bag is… rubbish and checks.

Three things I can’t imagine running around without are… phone, keys and couple of euros.

If I had to pick between chaos or order... freedom to order!

If my bag had a superpower, it would… always contain warm sweater. I am one of those who are always cold.

If I had a chance to swap totes with any person… that would be Peggy Guggenheim. Ever wondered how many modern art’s secrets and love stories one could find in her tote? I admire her mysterious, or sometimes it even seems crazy personality. The only option left is to read and wonder how her  life among Venice or Paris bohemia of those days looked like.

Simona owns Silver Ratio Bag |  Photo by Eva Grin  |  Show what’s inside your bag hello [at]

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